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Cleaning service companies in Riyadh Experience, competence, professionalism, rigor, seriousness, and responsiveness in the field of cleaning are what best characterizes us.

With a team of 40 people, we are committed to maintaining loyal and satisfied customers with our maintenance services.

Proximity and Availability

Maintenance and cleaning needs and frequencies differ from one customer to another, so let’s assess together the needs in terms of the services to be provided.

Our Cleaning service companies in Riyadh strength is the planning of your cleaning services, whether it is the maintenance of premises, buildings or condominiums, washing of glass parts, floor treatment which is one of our specialties.

or even concerning cleaning at the end of construction sites. For us, it is important to be able to provide full and complete satisfaction in the services provided and the service provided to customers. Professionalism is essential in our sector of activity because it allows us to remain efficient in all the tasks to be accomplished and to continuously train our teams in all the practices of our profession.

Les prestations de nettoyage et lieux d’intervention des équipes

⇒ Office cleaning

A company involved in office cleaning offers several additional services such as dusting, storage, or the emptying and cleaning of garbage cans and baskets.

These Cleaning service companies in Riyadh can extend to the surrounding areas, such as common areas, rest and relaxation areas, meeting rooms, high windows, but also elevators, waiting rooms or reception halls.

In offices, the different floor surfaces have specific needs that only a qualified cleaning company can meet.

⇒ Industrial cleaning

The industry must adhere to strict regulations.

Depending on the nature of the industrial cleaning services, different protocols are planned to comply with the layout of the infrastructures. The cleaning agents know how to respect the constraints of the industrial world.

Cleaning service companies in Riyadh

Cleaning a store is essential because shops are very busy places and must comply with drastic rules. Whether it is food or clothing, each professional sector has its requirements.

Cleaning service companies in Riyadh Welcoming visitors imposes great respect for cleanliness on each business. The floor must be regularly cleaned and the shelves dusted and disinfected.

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⇒ Cleaning of hotels, hospitals and places of accommodation

The reception of people in hotels, places of accommodation and hospitals requires special attention. Patients should be guaranteed access to a clean, maintained and cleaned space.

The cleaning of surfaces, bedding and dining areas is essential for the well-being and comfort of the occupants.

⇒ End of construction Cleaning service companies in Riyadh

Cleaning companies can provide services such as the end of construction sites, removals or disinfection of floors.

In most cases, the teams are not satisfied with a simple cleaning, but with a minimum of restoration in order to allow the people concerned to integrate the premises afterwards, or to prepare the intervention of a craftsman in case of renovation. The technicians are dressed in protective equipment (gloves, mask, goggles and cap) to move around in complete safety.

Cleaning service companies in Riyadh and Building cleaning

In a building, the management and cleaning of common areas is not the responsibility of the tenants, but of the owner of the whole or the condominium.

The company in charge of cleaning the building is therefore responsible for the maintenance of the common areas. This concerns the cleaning of the reception hall, stairs, landings, elevators and the disinfection of the garbage room.

⇒ Washing windows and facades

The facade is the first element visible to a customer or visitor. The cleanliness of it is therefore very important, because it tends to represent the general state of the interior of the company.

As window cleaning at height is difficult to do, it is advisable to seek the services of a Cleaning service companies in Riyadh capable of washing a facade and performing window cleaning services.

⇒ Maintenance of green spaces

The maintenance of vegetated areas concerns both gardening work such as trimming hedges and shrubs, pruning trees, clearing bushes and shrubbery and weeding.

Entrusting the maintenance of the gardens to a Cleaning service companies in Riyadh avoids the purchase of expensive equipment.

⇒ Parking lot cleaning

Car parks are an integral part of professional structures. Calling on a specialized company to clean a car park makes it possible to ensure the collection of residues and the cleanliness of the floor thanks to mechanical sweeping.

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⇒ Cleaning of private houses and apartments

Delegating the management of the Cleaning service companies in Riyadh of a home allows you to relieve yourself of the daily cleaning.

Hiring a cleaning company allows you to have the floors and windows of your home cleaned during your absence.

How to create, launch and grow a Cleaning service companies in Riyadh business?

Not being regulated, the profession is open to all without condition of diploma. On the other hand, a personal contribution is essential.

Choosing the right status for your Cleaning

Cleaning service companies in Riyadh

The cleaning of the premises can be complex to organize, it is generally advisable to use the services of a cleaning company.

The maintenance of professional buildings is a recurring task to be carried out by a trusted company. Whether or not a company welcomes visitors, it is essential that the premises and floors are well maintained.

Why seek the services of a Cleaning service companies in Riyadh?

You save time and benefit from quality service at the best price thanks to comparative quotes. Also, you respect the rules of hygiene and guarantee optimal working conditions for your employees and customers.

What are the benefits of hiring a Cleaning service companies in Riyadh?

  • A multi-service service: each team is able to carry out a whole list of tasks, whether it is floor cleaning, window cleaning, dusting of office furniture, or cleaning of sanitary facilities.
  • The time saved is considerable: by entrusting the maintenance of premises to a cleaning company, you avoid the burden of logistics and organization.
  • Services that adapt to your schedules: the agents can carry out all the services offered while respecting certain cleaning schedules.

The professional working environment

  • The Labor Code imposes legal obligations on each cleaning company and the structure within which it operates.
  • During an intervention in the medical, agri-food or industrial sector, the teams must use specific work techniques.
  • Any disinfection product used must present a complete and legible description of its composition. It is also mandatory to indicate the chemical, toxic, irritant, flammable and dangerous components it contains.
  • Each cleaning agent must wear appropriate work clothes and have the necessary protection: gloves, cap, goggles and mask.
  • Stakeholders must have the cleaning equipment necessary for the proper performance of the services. These must be provided by the employer and suitable for the client’s environment and the specifics of the premises.
  • Every company must guarantee its employees clean office space. The regulations being rigorous, several entities can control the cleanliness of a building and verbalize a Cleaning service companies in Riyadh in the event of an infraction.
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The identified hygiene standards with  Cleaning service companies in Riyadh

  1. The European eco-label for certification of products and services.
  2. The French NF Environnement certification for cleanliness and disinfection products that respect the ecosystem.
  3. ISO 14001 (environmental performance), ISO 9001 (quality management) and ISO 22000 (food safety) certifications.
  4. The HACCP standard in the food industry to preserve food safety.
    The Qualipropre qualification for cleaning companies, which is awarded to companies guaranteeing quality work.
  5. In order to meet these standards, you can fill out this cleaning quote form to receive offers and compete with Cleaning service companies in Riyadh.

The federation of cleaning companies

The FEP is an employers’ organization recognized by the public authorities and based on the principle of freedom of membership.

The organization, role and missions of the FEP

The federation of cleaning companies is a structure present throughout France, thanks to 9 trade union chambers.

This regional fabric thus marks its desire to take local issues into account and enables it to act with elected officials in the field. To join, the manager of a cleaning company must simply contact the FEP on which he depends.

She is the spokesperson vis-à-vis the public authorities,

It is the ambassador of cleaning companies with other employers’ organisations, such as MEDEF or AFAQ,
The organization communicates with the media and the general public to promote recruitment. It conveys a positive image of jobs in order to help the recruitment of young workers,

The group provides initial and continuous training for cleaning professionals through its own organization: INHNI
It issues the QUALIPROPRE label.

Cleaning service companies in Riyadh and CSR

Choosing a Cleaning service provider that is part of an approach that respects the CSR guidelines for cleaning companies thus contributes to adopting a strong environmental approach.

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