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Water leak detection company in Riyadh Water leaking into the ground has one thing in common with dry rot: when you notice it, the damage is already considerable.

In addition, it often comes from a pipe that you do not even suspect the existence. So how do you detect a buried water leak?

Water leak detection company in Riyadh A bigger problem than you think

When a pipe passing through a wall in your building is pierced, the result is immediate. A water stain appears almost instantly on the wall and you must act on it before the damage is too great.

In the case of a buried leak, it is more delicate. If the pipe is outside your building, the water will have to rise to the surface for you to notice it… provided you are attentive.

Ditto if the pipe passes under your building. Unless you have an eye on your meter, you’ll have to wait for the water to come up to the walls and soak them before you notice the leak. In any case, it will be too late: the water will have already had time to soak the soil deeply and the drying will take a very long time.

How do I check for water leaks in the ground?

It is almost impossible to know where the pipe is drilled. Only professionals are able to locate the leak with precision.

There are several methods:

  1. Tracer gas: a gas lighter than air is injected into your pipeline. When it gets to the location of the leak, it escapes from the pipe. To detect the precise location, the technician uses a suction probe.
  2. Listening to the pipes: the leak is identified using a microphone that records the noise from your pipe. In a healthy pipe, the wave propagates at a constant speed. The noise is therefore uniform. The leak is identified when there is a variation in speed, and therefore a dissonance.
  3. Thermal or video camera: a camera is inserted into your pipe and the leak will be identified, either by the thermal signature of the escaping water, or by simple visual examination of the interior walls.
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What are the consequences of a buried water leak?

The consequences of a buried water leak can be very serious. For example :

  • Increased electricity bill. This can put your cash flow at risk if you are a small business owner.
  • Rising humidity. If the pipe is under the building and it has no protective layer, the ground will soak up water and the humidity will rise by capillarity in the walls. The treatment will be very heavy.
  • Endangering the structure of the building, especially in regions with calcareous soil. The accumulation of water creates cracks and the ground can suddenly subside.

Buried water leak: who pays in case of overconsumption?

Water leak detection company in Riyadh The law of May 17, 2011 provides for a framework for your water bills in the event of overconsumption. That is to say twice the average volume you consume:

“The subscriber is not required to pay for the share of consumption exceeding twice the average consumption if he presents to the drinking water service, within one (…), a certificate of a plumbing company indicating that he had a leak repaired on his pipes. »

Even if the law protects you, you will be forced to pay for heavy renovation work if you have a leaky pipe.

Have you noticed a sharp rise in your bill in recent months? Damp spots at the bottom of the walls? Call a professional quickly to find the leak. Prevention is better than cure, as the saying goes.


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