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Sofa cleaning companies in Riyadh

Sofa cleaning companies in Riyadh 0557016883

Sofa cleaning companies in Riyadh The fabric sofa is a very popular type of sofa. Comfortable, stylish and affordable, it is also easy to maintain. But what about cleaning it? To help you on a daily basis, we explain how to clean a fabric sofa with removable and non-removable cover.

1. The first step Sofa cleaning companies in Riyadh: dust off the fabric sofa

Before you start cleaning your fabric sofa, it is essential to dust it well beforehand. To do this, take your vacuum cleaner. Go over it (brush tip) without pressing too much so as not to harm the fabric. If pet hair is on its surface, use a rubber glove or any other accessory that catches the hair before vacuuming. So you can get rid of all the dirt much more effectively.

2. Why opt for a fabric sofa?

Sofa cleaning companies in Riyadh The fabric sofa has several significant advantages. Already, it is a very comfortable type of sofa. The materials used for the manufacture of its cushions offer softness and swelling. In addition, the choice of color, design, quality of weaving (velvet, satin, canvas) is plethoric. You are sure to find a model to your liking. Finally, this type of sofa remains very affordable. It is much less expensive than a leather sofa, but is just as easy to maintain. As for its cleaning, we tell you everything in the following lines.

3. Removable or non-removable fabric sofa?

Cleaning a fabric sofa with removable cover is much easier than cleaning a non-removable model. Indeed, if you can remove the cover, it is surely machine washable (even if this is not always the case). In this case, simply follow the washing instructions on the label. But if the cover does not come off, you will have to use one of the grandmother’s tips that we are going to reveal to you now.

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4. How to clean a fabric sofa Sofa cleaning companies in Riyadh: Grandma’s recipes

Ammonia and other industrial stain removers are very effective for cleaning fabric sofas. But there are other, much gentler and more natural methods, such as white vinegar or steam, to restore the shine to your furniture.

 A. Clean a fabric sofa with white vinegar Sofa cleaning companies in Riyadh

White vinegar is an excellent solution for fabric sofas with very stubborn stains. Start by diluting the white vinegar in an equal amount of water. Next, soak a microfiber sponge in the solution. Rub with soft, circular gestures. Finally, you just have to wait for the sofa to dry. This method is very effective against encrusted stains and rings.

B. Clean a fabric sofa with baking soda

Baking soda has 2 uses for cleaning fabric sofas. It allows, first of all, to restore their shine, and also to deodorize them. Sprinkle the product over the entire surface of the sofa cover, then rub (always gently) with a washcloth. For deeper cleaning, you can also use a brush. Leave it on for several hours, then vacuum the fabric of the sofa.

C. Steam clean a fabric sofa Sofa cleaning companies in Riyadh  

Cleaning with a steamer is not to be preferred if your sofa is made of a satin fabric or velvet covering. Your sofa must be able to withstand a minimum of humidity. If this is the case, pass the steamer over the entire surface of the sofa, being careful not to insist too much. Let everything dry and your sofa will be like new.

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5. Maintenance of a fabric sofaSofa cleaning companies in Riyadh 

But cleaning a fabric sofa is not enough to guarantee it a good lifespan. It also needs to be maintained on a daily basis. For this, you can implement several very simple solutions.

A. Dust your couch regularly

A fabric sofa should not be dusted only before cleaning. It must also be cleaned daily to prevent dirt from becoming embedded in its coating. Twice a month, during your cleaning, take your vacuum cleaner and remove all the dust present on the fabric. A simple, fast action that will allow you to give a little color to your furniture.

B. Protect the sofa with waterproofing

Sofa cleaning companies in Riyadh To protect the covering of your sofa from humidity, halos and stains, do not hesitate to use waterproofing. You have to spray it evenly all over the sofa and then wait up to 24 hours for it to dry. But, in general, the waiting time is shorter. To find out, take a look at the characteristics of your anti-humidity product.

C. Follow washing instructions

There are fabric sofas that can withstand humidity, while others must absolutely undergo a dry cleaning. Similarly, some removable covers support machine washing and others do not. To keep your fabric sofa in the best condition for as long as possible, you must therefore be careful to follow the washing instructions stipulated on the product label. For really sensitive sofa designs, use one of the solutions we recommended above.

D. Last advice: plan a second cover

Sofa cleaning companies in Riyadh If you have a fabric sofa with a cover that can be removed and machine washed, buy a second cover. this will allow you to use your sofa when the other cover is drying. You can also decide to change your first cover on sensitive days (with a lot of children, for example) to avoid damaging it.

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Conclusion: cleaning a fabric sofa

Sofa cleaning companies in Riyadh You now know the tricks to restore all its splendor to your fabric sofa. Bicarbonate of soda, white vinegar, steam, it’s up to you to choose the best solution according to your sofa model. Also think about its regular maintenance and above all follow all the manufacturer’s washing instructions (dry, machine wash). In this way, your fabric sofa can keep its place of honor in your living room for many years.

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