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Carpet cleaning companies in Riyadh If your carpet is not too dirty, clean it with a sponge dampened with a mixture of warm water and two drops of dishwashing liquid. Rub and rinse with a damp cloth, then let dry.

To wash your carpet effectively, all you have to do is apply the right cleaning gestures and use the appropriate tips. Give a second life to your carpet with these few tips!

Carpet cleaning companies in Riyadh: how to do it right?

For small stains, simply clean your carpet with a sponge that you have soaked in water and mixed with a few drops of dishwashing liquid.

Do not hesitate to vacuum regularly to maintain it, especially if you have pets at home. Regular maintenance will allow you to invest less energy in removing certain stubborn stains when cleaning it.

Carpet cleaning companies in Riyadh: which products to use?

Be aware that baking soda and sparkling water will be two very good products for your carpet to regain all its colors. Also, it also turns out that black soap mixed with two liters of warm water will also allow you to remove the toughest stains. Be sure not to use harsh products, scrub too hard or pour too much water on your carpet, especially if it is delicate.

Carpet cleaning companies in Riyadh: regular maintenance

It is important to clean your carpet regularly. Every day or every other day, vacuum to remove dust and small crumbs, especially if the carpet in question is located under the dining table or in the living room.

It is important to vacuum before cleaning the carpet, wet or dry, for optimal efficiency. Do not hesitate to send your carpet to the dry cleaners or to a professional so that it is like new!

10 grandma’s tips for Carpet cleaning companies in Riyadh

Granny’s advice for removing a very dirty carpet easily and inexpensively

Real nests of dust (and dust mites!), carpets require regular maintenance to stay like new… or almost. If for you, carpet maintenance is more of a chore than anything else, come and discover the grandmother’s tips that we have unearthed to clean your carpets in depth, easily and effectively with everyday products.

Tip #1: vacuum regularly

To avoid having to embark on major cleanings of your carpets every six months, know that the maintenance of a carpet is an everyday affair! Especially if you have pets or members of your family are allergic to dust and dust mites… Remember that the more regular the maintenance of your carpets, the less difficulty you will have in catching stains and remove encrusted dust.

  • To do this, nothing very complicated: vacuum twice a week in “brushing” mode on your carpet, it will largely do the job. Be careful though: if your carpet is old and/or very fragile, avoid the brush mode so as not to damage it; rather inhale gently.
  • Good to know: there is an ideal movement to effectively vacuum your carpet! Pass the head of the vacuum starting from your feet and going towards the edge of the carpet.

Tip n°2: renovate your carpet with an infusion of potato peelings

Good  Carpet cleaning companies in Riyadh news: if you can’t afford to hire a professional to renovate your carpet and make it look like new, you can very well do it yourself with an effective and 100% natural grandmother’s tip which requires no chemicals! Indeed, you probably already have an ingredient in your kitchen that can help you clean a carpet and make it regain its superb, since it is… the potato.

To renovate an old carpet or clean a very dirty carpet with one of the favorite vegetables of the French, start by concocting a concentrated infusion of potato peelings, then rub your carpet with a sponge impregnated with your preparation. Leave to act for a few hours then rinse with clear water and a sponge. Finally, let your carpet dry, avoiding walking on it.

Tip n°3: use a mixture of sparkling water and baking soda to revive the colors

Carpet cleaning companies in Riyadh Over time and clumsiness, your carpet has lost its beautiful original color and a few stains have become embedded here and there? To get it back, you don’t need to go buy expensive products and miracle stain removers at the supermarket: once again, you probably have everything you need in your kitchen! Yes:

to detach and revive the shine of a carpet, you can use everyday products, such as sparkling water and baking soda. Here’s what to do to clean a rug without washing it:

  1. Using a sponge, soak your carpet in sparkling water, then rub it gently with a brush.
  2. Let it dry for at least 30 minutes, then sprinkle baking soda all over your carpet.
  3. Once the baking soda is dry, vacuum it and admire the result: your carpet will be like new!

Tip n°4: mix dishwashing liquid and white vinegar

Fans of ecological and economical cleaning know it well: white vinegar is the miracle remedy of the house, and its uses are multiple to cleanse, deodorize or even stain! That’s why if your favorite carpet is dirty or stained with grease, don’t panic, and take your bottle of alcohol vinegar out of your kitchen cupboards:

  • Start by pouring white vinegar on a clean cloth and rubbing the stain.
  • Carpet cleaning companies in Riyadh Leave on for 15 minutes.
  • Then pass a mixture of water and dishwashing liquid that you have previously whipped into a foam with an electric mixer or a whisk. Rub this mixture on the carpet using a brush, then rinse with clear water.
    Wipe the carpet with a clean cloth and let it dry before admiring the result!

Tip #5: Use shaving foam to clean a stained carpet

As surprising as it may seem, shaving foam is a great ally for detaching textiles. Indeed, shaving foam has absorbent capacities: it is therefore possible to use it as a stain-removing foam by applying it in a thick layer on the surface of the Carpet cleaning companies in Riyadh, at the level of the stains. For it:

  1. Apply the shaving foam to the damaged parts of the mat
  2. Leave the foam to act for at least an hour (overnight if the stain is well encrusted)
  3. Scrub vigorously with a sponge
  4. Carpet cleaning companies in Riyadh Rinse with clear water
  5. To loosen a carpet with shaving foam, you can also leave the foam on overnight, then vacuum the next morning.
  6. A word of advice: before testing shaving foam as a stain remover, always test the product on a corner of your carpet to be sure that it will not be damaged!

Tip n°6: make stains disappear with black soap

Like white vinegar and baking soda, black soap is one of those ecological and economical household products that we should all have in the kitchen cupboards, because it can be very useful for the household. and maintenance of your home. Nothing better than black soap to clean your carpet thoroughly.

For example Carpet cleaning companies in Riyadh , if your carpet is stained and you don’t know how to get it back, you can mix a tablespoon of black soap in 2 liters of warm water. Apply the preparation to the stained parts of the carpet using a sponge, and use a stiff brush to remove the stains.

Let dry and vacuum to remove dust and bits and other residue created by the stain remover. Admire the result: stains on your carpet are just a distant memory!

Tip n°7: apply Sommières soil to completely clean your carpet Carpet cleaning companies in Riyadh 

Terre de Sommières is a natural and naturally stain-removing fluid clay, used since the 19th century and which is particularly useful for cleaning fabrics and textiles when dry (practical, because carpets are rarely of dimensions allowing them to go through the washing machine). laundry!).

Carpet cleaning companies in Riyadh Here is how to proceed to completely clean a carpet but also to remove any fatty substances that could have been deposited on it: sprinkle the entire carpet with Sommières earth, then let the preparation act for several hours (the best thing is to leave the entire night) before rinsing with clean water to remove stains. There you go, your carpet is detached and like new!

Tip n°8: the iron

It is a somewhat unusual method but which works in the event of a very tough stain. With your iron, a light cloth and white vinegar (again), you will be armed to unclog any type of stain.

For itCarpet cleaning companies in Riyadh  :

  • Set your steam iron to the highest setting and let it heat up for several minutes if necessary. The goal will be to grab the mat (like good meat)
  • Meanwhile, in a small container, prepare a mixture of 1/3 household white vinegar and 2/3 water.
  • Spray this mixture on the stain starting with the contours to prevent it from spreading on contact with the liquid
    Cover the entire area with a damp, preferably light-coloured cloth. This will allow you to see if the stain is transferring well to your laundry.
  • Go over the cloth with your iron, moving back and forth for about 10 seconds, no more. It would not be about burning your beautiful carpet that you are trying to recover!
  • The stain should transfer to the fabric, you will see it because the light linen will take on the color of the stain. If this is not enough, repeat this gesture by applying another part of the linen or your towel.
  • However, pay attention to the composition of your carpet. Some materials cannot withstand high temperatures and may be damaged. This is particularly the case with cotton or polyester.

Tip Carpet cleaning companies in Riyadh #9: Use Mineral Spirits

For dark and black carpets, mineral spirits is a good solution to clean and stain your favorite carpet.

To do this, simply scrub the stained area with a brush soaked in mineral spirits and let the product dry. Then simply vacuum the affected area. The stain will have turned to dust and will magically fly away.

Bonus tip: Have your carpet cleaned at the dry cleaners

If it is really dirty or if you are afraid of damaging your beautiful carpet with these grandmother tips, you always have the possibility of having your carpet cleaned at the dry cleaners by a professional. It will be more expensive but it has the advantage of transferring the responsibility to the store to which you entrusted your carpet.

Carpet cleaning companies in Riyadh The dry cleaners will either apply detergents or one of those old fashioned tricks to wash your carpet. It will be returned to you packaged and clean. And all you have to do is be careful to avoid making new stains. For this, grandma’s trick is to cover it with a transparent plastic to match the sofa. Up to you :)

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