How to Clean Carpet

Children, pets, meals… Your carpet is put to the test on a daily basis. After a while, colors fade, dirt becomes encrusted and odors remain. If the maintenance of your carpet starts with regular vacuuming (especially for long hairs which retain dust and mites all the more), thorough cleaning of stains remains essential to keep your carpet like the first day. . However, without a steam cleaner or specific product, the operation may seem laborious. Do not panic ! saudi tour guide gives you its most effective tips, achievable with home products.

Note: before you start, test on a part (if possible hidden) of the carpet. If in doubt, you can also check the material of your mat on its label for safe cleaning. You can always opt for a suitable carpet cleaner if you don’t want to take any risks.


For this first tip, nothing could be simpler! Whether you want to remove a stain or sanitize your entire carpet, dish soap works wonders.

To freshen up your carpet, first lather some dishwashing liquid in a basin of lukewarm water. Take a sponge or brush and scrub gently. Rinse with clear water and with a microfiber cloth. Take care not to rinse your carpet with plenty of water, as it would have difficulty drying. Pat dry with a towel then leave to air dry. To speed up drying time, use a hair dryer.

This technique also works with black soap, a multifunctional natural product whose effectiveness is well established.


Imagine. It’s your rack. All your friends are gathered at your home to celebrate your move into this new, freshly renovated apartment. Over a drink, everyone raves about the pretty decoration you have chosen. Suddenly, tragedy strikes: the clumsy gesture of a guest throws a few drops of wine onto your brand new beige carpet…

You have to react and quickly. To overcome splashes of wine (or juice, tea, coffee, etc.), sparkling water remains your best ally.

How to do it ? A single watchword to find an immaculate carpet: speed! First, mop up the spilled liquid with paper towels: above all, avoid pressing the stain against the carpet. Sprinkle it with a little sparkling water. Then absorb the sparkling water with a clean cloth. The operation can be repeated as many times as necessary.

To optimize the stain-removing action of sparkling water, do not hesitate to combine its use with baking soda. In addition to sanitizing your surfaces, this 100% natural powder instantly revives colors. Pour sparkling water over the area and brush in light circular motions. Wait half an hour. Then sprinkle the carpet with baking soda. Leave for several hours then vacuum to remove the powder.


Do you think your living room rug is unrecoverable? Try this somewhat unusual method for a tough stain. It requires an iron, white vinegar and a cloth.

Here is the user guide:

  1. Set your iron to the highest steam level and let it heat up for a few minutes;
  2. Meanwhile, prepare a mixture of 2 parts water and 1 part white household vinegar;
  3. Spray this mixture on the stain. Our advice: first spray the contours of it to prevent it from spreading;
  4. Cover the area with a damp, light-coloured cloth;
  5. Go over the cloth with your iron back and forth for about 10 seconds.

The stain should transfer to the fabric. If necessary, repeat this same gesture on another area of ​​the towel.

However, be careful about the composition of your mat: some materials cannot withstand high temperatures and may be damaged.


Terre de Sommières is a kind of clay with the same purifying properties as bicarbonate. Naturally degreasing, it saves you the day in the event of stubborn marks on your carpet! Perfect for neutralizing bad smells, this fine beige powder is used for dry cleaning.

What carpets is it suitable for? Terre de Sommières cleans without bleaching, which makes it an excellent ecological cleaner for the most fragile materials, such as wool carpets.

Particularly radical on greasy stains, it lasts over time. The bonus? You can use it to wash different kinds of surfaces (cushions, leather, sofas, marble, clothes…), but also to make your homemade household products. Of natural origin, non-toxic and economical, the land of Sommières is definitely good! Find it easily in organic stores, DIY or even online.

Follow these different steps:

  1. Sprinkle the powder completely on your carpet;
  2. Leave to act for several hours (overnight if you can for maximum efficiency);
  3. Rub with a brush to remove dirt thoroughly;
  4. Vacuum to remove all the powder. If you have a shaggy carpet (with long hair), prefer to vacuum it with the mall nozzle, otherwise it will break its fibres.

Do not hesitate to renew the operation in case of stubborn stains.

Warning: be sure to apply the Sommières earth on a completely dry surface.

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